Welcome to my humble page on the web. My name is Kristoffer Lysgaard and I have been a professional musician and drummer since i was very young. I remember in my early years even before I had experienced music live, how I was tapping everything around me, or singing, trying to make rhythm. when I was five years old, I was watching my older cousin playing his yellow Yamaha kit, and after he left his room, I stayed and picked up a pair of sticks, and for some reason, sitting behind the drums, i could just play them. drumming just came easy to me. for many years playing the drums was like going to a save place where i could have a moment away from weird grown ups and the rest of the world. When I grew into my teens i quit drumming and instead picked up the guitar but after a few years of dedicated practice on the guitar, something changed, and drumming became like and obsession to me. I would practice for 8 hours straight sometimes, without a care in the world. I eventually startet getting called for gigs, jazz, pop, fusion, blues, everything, and in those years I learned so much.

Coming around and being accepted at the royal academy of music in Aarhus gave me the chance to play and study other instruments, but playing the drums and percussion has remained my first choice of instrument.
I have toured around the world, from Norway to south America and with many different artist and bands, and for that i feel extremely grateful. To this day I play more than ever. I love to play all kinds of music and therefore I can be heard in a lot of different constellations and genres. Playing music is my favourite thing to do. For me it is a way of life. I always try to continue to grow as a musician. Music has given me so much and it is my mission in life too move people and spread happiness.  It is my way of giving back.

This year, look out for my Upcoming Shows and a bunch of new recordings coming out featuring my work. go to the music page for more updates on that.. stay tuned for more information and thanks for taking the time to stop by.


’Kristoffer feels the music’’.

-Jay Rodriguez. Saxophone. Tito Puente, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis.

''Kristoffer Lysgaard belongs to the new generation of talented and booming jazz musicians.

-Jens Christian Kwella'' Ass. Professor in jazz guitar and ensemble, Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus

’’I met and played with Kristoffer in Aarhus. He managed to play 6 gigs in one day all in different
musical styles. In a Balkan set up he plays everything right, but like no one else’’

-Miso Petrovic,
Guitar. Master of balkan and gypsie music.

''Trommeslager Kristoffer Lysgaard var et andet naturligt midtpunkt med levende, dynamisk og uhyggelig præcist spil''

-Jørgen Nielsen, Anmelder. Fra artiklen. ''Elegance på Salonen''

Efter en specielt medrivende og veldrejet trommesolo, fyldt med energi, humor og en virkelig
velbehersket dynamik, hvor trommeslageren – eller måske rettere percussionisten – Kristoffer
Lysgaard spiller på sættet med de bare hænder, som var det congaer og bongoer, med en
overbevisende flot teknik, så er der ikke længere tvivl: Dette må være byens bedste afbud.

fra artiklen. ’’byen bedste afbud’’ af Thomas Simonsen


‘’ tonight I wanna give a shoutout for a very special young man. Sometimes you meet people that
you know is going to go very far in life. Kristoffer is one of those people. He is a Fantastic

-Michael Davis Trombone professor, Frank Sinatra and the Rolling Stones.